Hello from quarto-pyodide!

Unleash Interactive Python in Your Quarto Documents

Welcome to the documentation site for the quarto-pyodide extension – your key to unlocking the endless possibilities of Pyodide within various Quarto formats, including HTML, RevealJS, Websites, Blogs, and Books.

Ready for an exciting journey into the world of Pyodide’s interactive code cells? Click the “Run Code” button below to experience it firsthand:

At its core, the quarto-pyodide extension is designed to empower you to run Python code directly in your web browser using familiar reporting tools, all without the need for an external Python server. Moreover, the extension abstracts away the need to know HTML or JavaScript to use Pyodide. Just write Python code like you usually would! Though, it’s worth noting that you can also choose to unlock the full potential of Pyodide and create more complex applications independently by directly using Pyodide’s JavaScript API, granting you unparalleled freedom to harness the power of Python in innovative ways.


This Quarto extension is open source software and is not affiliated with Posit, Quarto, or Pyodide. The extension is at best a community effort to simplify the integration of Pyodide inside of Quarto generated documents.